“...Go Bipa Mpa Ka Mabele makes reference to a saying in Setswana, which loosely translates to "conceal" or "shroud in secrecy" and is a nod to Dhlamini's keen interest and explorative sensibility to revealing knowledge about very particular cultural practices and indigenous knowledge that may otherwise not be readily visible, in both the material and immaterial forms.

This process of revealing things that would otherwise remain concealed, but also highlighting through obscuring, is on display through the blurred or receded faces in the Look Into drawings and photographs and it is mirrored in the see-through dresses in both the photographs and the film that are part of Go Bipa Mpa Ka Mabele. In other words, concealing ("go bipa") is sometimes done intentionally to protect or fend off unwanted prying eyes. Although the dresses in the film and corresponding photographs are made with a see-through material, the way the artist moves her body and is captured in the still images blurs details of her body, simultaneously revealing and yet concealing parts of what is seen...”